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AutoMold Mold Development Software version for AutoCAD R14 is now available!!!!
Download FREE AutoMold Mold Development Software for AutoCAD Release 14.
Click here to download demo (~2.2 Megabytes).
Click here to download installation instructions  (5 kilobytes)
What can AutoMold 14 do? Click here to download the windows help file (89 kilobytes)
Last Update 04/02/98
Auto-Datum 13 DEMO

Download FREE Auto-Datum 13  DEMO (~950KiloBytes). Last Update 10/03/96

NOTE!!!! You MUST save this program as AD13INST.EXE. This program requires a blank preformatted floppy. When you run the program AD13INST.EXE, it will copy the software to the diskette. Once the disk has been created, run SETUP.EXE from the floppy

Download new AD13WIN.MNU (~114Kilobytes). or download the ZIP version AD13WIN.ZIP (~36KiloBytes) This is an updated menu uploaded 10/03/96. Earlier R13 menus had a bug in the OSNAP toolbar. This version of the menu fixes that problem. If you download the demo AFTER 10/03/96, then you do not need this.