CADMASTER develops and markets several AutoCAD add on packages. These are:

AutoMold Mold Development Software:

This is a plastic injection mold designer's enhancement tool that interfaces with AutoCAD. It consists of numerous programs that streamline the mold design process.

Auto-Datum 13

This program is a drafting utility that allows automatic datum dimensioning inside AutoCAD. The user simply defines a window around the area to be dimensioned and the program does all the work. This program saves hours of dimensioning time.



This program is designed for AutoCAD users who perform repetitive design tasks in AutoCAD. From the simplest shape to a completely dimensioned detail drawing, this program can automate the task. By answering pre-determined questions and bi-directionally exchanging data with spreadsheets, specification tables, databases, engineering programs, etc.. Auto-Parametrics can obtain the necessary design information and automatically complete and dimension the design in seconds!

AutoMold Detailer

This program is composed of a series of parametric processes used to automate many tasks involved in the detailing and design of plastic injection molds. The software automatically creates basic and fully dimensioned details. These include many types of holes, fully detailed cam bars, round and rectangular sets, cam locks, core pins, etc..